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Introduction to Taxus and Taxol
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Taxus chinensis is also called the yew.Taxus chinensis is a legacy of the quaternary glacier ancient tree species, 2.5 million years of history upon earth, in the biological sciences is known as the \"plant of giant panda\", is a state-level rare and protected species, is one of the world's recognized endangered rare natural anti-cancer plant.

Right yew company was established in 1998, the last two decades, has become a collection of plant seeds collection, and seedlings, planting, development, production and scientific research in one of the high-tech fine medicinal products of science and technology enterprises.

Right yew is a rich source of anticancer substance paclitaxel, water-soluble flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of healthy for the body element.Twenty years, in order to guarantee and improve product quality and production, the company invest a lot of money, in the \"American right yew r&d group\" was established.Company to form a professional team of research and development team, strong technical force, well-equipped, perfect laboratory management, complete multiple projects subject research and development.Since 2015, all yew oral rehabilitation party piece of successful research and development and health food for three consecutive years to obtain FDA certification, approval in 2017 to 2017.Right yew is the present China is the world's first, is the only one allowed to enter the United States health care products market brand of taxus chinensis.

On this basis and make full use of peculiar to extract the characteristics of broad spectrum antibacterial, antioxidant, is widely used in cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.Among them: taxus chinensis oil mixture, taxus chinensis toothpaste, yew soap has applied for national patent.The product has other natural ingredients can't instead of bactericidal anti-inflammatory, and have very strong health care skin effect, can maintain and adjust skin moisture, restore skin elasticity, make skin moist, tender, low irritating to skin, mild and fine bubble performance.You can also inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin and precipitation.

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